Don?t Know Nuffink

By Mrski1


I haven't blipped all week! I was planning on updating what I have been up to but I cant really remember just now!

Today I got up early and left the house at 06:30 to meet Stuart at 07:00, from here we had a brilliant drive over the Lecht towards Aviemore where we had breakfast and coffee, once this was scoffed we then drove on to Laggan Wolftrax, surprisingly we found the car park to be totally deserted this must be a first for these mountain bike trails.

We then got changed, built the bikes and Stuart bought some overpriced chain lube, then jumped onto the bikes for the climb up the hill. This is the first time I have trained or been on the bike for 5 weeks due to a virus I picked up, I thought I would struggle but I wasn't as bad as I thought. We arrived at the top of the red route and were rewarded with some stunning views over towards Loch Laggan, from here we descended and the lack of bike time was obvious, I was able to keep up speed but my line choices were slightly suspect, I was still able to fly over the rock drops despite a strong crosswind trying to blow me off course in mid air, Stuart took things slightly easier although he also mentioned about the dodgy lines being ridden through some of the corners.

We safely arrived at the fire road before climbing back up to the fun park, here my chain decided to snap, luckily the fun park is mostly downhill with massive berms and jumps to pump along to pick up speed, I laughed when I got to the bottom as even though I had no chain to be able to pedal along, I was still slightly quicker than Stuart!

We then headed for lunch before popping back up the hill to ride the lower red, followed by two further loops of the fun park, this was fantastic and we loaded the bikes back into the car, which thankfully is now working!

I wanted to drive along to Loch Laggan to see the Laggan Dam, before once again heading back to Aviemore for some more coffee, and driving through the Cairngorms where we spotted this crashed car at the Lecht ski centre, before arriving back in Aberdeen.

I got home and made tea whilst having a glass of wine, which appears to have gone straight to my head, I currently feel slightly tipsy!



I managed to remember something! My Car was returned from the insurance approved garage, basically they had sent it to the main Skoda dealer in Aberdeen, where the car has previously been and who I didn't believe when they tried to tell me my car needed a new turbo. I called another local independent Skoda garage who agreed with me, the fact that a turbo issue should not stop the car from starting, so on Tuesday night it was dropped off at the garage for the work to be carried out on Wednesday.

I received a call back from the garage explaining that they had started to check my car over starting at the fuel tank and the fuel pump (due to previous fuel contamination issues), the pump was fine so they moved onto the fuel filter which had recently been changed by the dealer in Aberdeen, and they noticed a problem right away, the fuel lines had been fitted the wrong way around! The high pressure engine line was working as the return line, and the return acting as the high pressure line, so essentially the engine would not be receiving enough fuel for it to work, or start as it should. Broken turbo my arse!

Que a phone call to Skoda in Aberdeen to complain.

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