I wasted a lot of time today, some of it just on the intarweb, but some of it really dumb. Like, changing code to an old version of an application, virtually making the whole mornings work worth about nothing. Then i wasted some time washing clothes. Not that washing is a waste of time, but if you happen to be throwing coffee all over yourself (and your keyboard) it feels like redundant work.

And last but not least i wasted some time trying to make a staged blip involving fire. My girlfriend wasn't too exited that i was going to try to set fire to shit while being Über-clumsy today, and when try one made lousy pictures, i postponed that experiment for another day.

Luckily the great fly-catching lovable spiders in 'bob' (bob is our 'yukka' plant) did some cool work right in the evening sun. This is prolly a recuring thing here because webs are very beautiful, but i kinda like how this turned out. Spiderwebs are hard to shoot!

direct edit: the confirm page made me doubt the shot: the scaling kinda makes the web a bit.. ragged or something.. ah well, too bad...

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