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Three Hunner!!!

One hundred days on from 17th January, two hundred days on from 9th October and a whole three hundred on from last July 2nd. And only a short hop, click and jump until a full year's worth hopefully.

And it still keeps me coming back, still keeps my eyes darting about each day for something blipworthy and now, looking at each of those 250 x 250 pixel thumbnails up there I'm realising it's now building into something much more than a photo with some text each day. There's a vividness and a clarity of recall to the memories that go along with each and every one of these and looking back through them there's a feeling that the past 300 days has been packed with 'stuff' more so than I'd have imagined when this all started.

I especially like how this block of one hundred blips starts with me 'blipped together' with my long suffering, but gradually more accepting, family. I'm sure it's not just me but they too that will appreciate all this in my dotage, in whatever format blipfoto exists...

There's also tremendous appreciation for the people behind (and out in front) of blipfoto that keep this community ticking over and thriving each and every day. And to all my subscribers and commenters, and also to my silent 'blurkers' out there, there's a debt of gratitude for keeping me going through the long dark winter nights just passed. Cheers to you all!

Looking back at my 100th blip it's a spooky coincidence that I mention having just gotten back my DSLR from the repair centre (self inflicted damage) and, having just spent nearly another hunner quid getting it fixed again, (self inflicted damage) I was expecting it back from the same repair centre again today, but it now looks like it'll be tomorrow on that. There's some sort of pattern in there that makes me think that by the time my 500th blip comes around it's fated that I might be digging into my wallet again.

If all works out on Thursday I'm fully intending to catch up with Joe at the Apple Store so may bump into a few of you there. Sounds like there's some surprises being lined up to keep us coming back for more.

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