A Walk Through Deb's Life

By debsthoughts

Chicken Tractor

Chicken Tractor: A smallish portable chicken coop, with wheels on one end and handles on the other, sort of like a wheel barrow with chickens inside.

This is your first sneak peek at the chicken tractor that my Taxman is building for me. The day old chicks are due to arrive in a few weeks and they won't be big enough to live inside this very cool house for a few weeks after they arrive. You're seeing the fancy, battery-operated, automatic door that works on a timer. The idea is that the chickens will walk up their ladder into their coop house to roost at night. The door will automatically close and keep them safe from predators, like the clever fox or handy raccoon.

The chickens will be safe inside their wire coop during the day and they will more or less free-range around the garden as much as we move them around to do so. We'll let them out to truly free-range once we have some confidence that they know where they live and come when called. The fancy auto door is to keep them ultra-safe at night when those predators are likely to break through or dig under the wire walls of the outer coop area.

It's surprising how handy a Taxman can be when he sets his mind to it.

Reminder: He's not really a Taxman at all. Nor is he a carpenter, but if the chicken tractor business ever takes off, he may have a second career, in my opinion.

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