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Girl Cousins Share

Happy exhaustion...

We had our annual garage sale to raise funds for maintaining our neighborhood pond today. It is held in our yard because we have the perfect location. We worked for 3+ days preparing for and selling donated used items. Today, the day of the sale, the weather turned sour and it was close to freezing and windy. All the 'goods' were blowing all over, keeping us chasing after things. We were lucky to have sold as much as we did with such poor weather conditions, and we're satisfied with the results (not over-joyed, but satisfied).

Later the kids and grand kids came over so we could celebrate Mother's Day - which is actually tomorrow, but the kids have plans with their in-laws and it worked out well for us to celebrate today. It was the best Mother's Day I can remember because there was no cooking involved and the men did what little clean up there was. Hallelujah! I got to play with the little ones and not worry about any kitchen duties. I think I'll declare every day Mother's Day for a month or two.

These two little girls have grown so fast and changed in the past year, it's astonishing. Little Morgan has nearly caught up to her cousin Olivia and it's clear that these two will be best friends for life. They adore each other and Olivia wanted to share her cracker with Morgan. She wants to share everything with Morgan, it's the sweetest darned thing to see.

Now exhaustion has set in and tomorrow will be a restful and peaceful Sunday. I hope yours is too.

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