horns of wilmington's cow

By anth


Really torn on the shot this morning after getting up for a wander round the local woods that used to be a childhood playground for me growing up (as I'm still up in Aberdeenshire, heading back to Embra in a couple of hours) - I'd been hoping to catch the red squirrels, and they willingly obliged (the two linked are much closer).

With a bonus Buzzard being mobbed by crows (I didn't like the bland clouded background, hence not making it to the blip).

In the end I liked the two squirrels in shot (they were chasing each other over a cone (which the one on the right has in his mouth).

And once again I find myself genuinely excited by wildlife photography. It can instantly put a smile on my face to see the beasties going about their thing and gain an insight into their lives.

Not too bad a trip back north, with minimal stresses and strains (though this morning has had its moments), but I'm happy to be getting home in late afternoon for that gap in time before the inevitability of Monday rolling round again. And I'm going to try and write bits and pieces of my website on the way back south and see how the right hand reacts (I've been getting some good tips to limit the rsi).

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