Getting the hang of it.

By Ladyjuliejools

Rock Face.

Early this morning we went for a walk in the fells. Our first time in far too long. We decided to head to Haweswater as it's only 30 minutes drive from home. We got to the car park and although there were 3 other cars there we didn't see or hear anyone else around. We headed up the Nan Bield path which leads to Kentmere but we knew we wouldn't get that far today, we had neither the time or inclination for a long fell walk today. We walked up to Small Water (at least I think that's what it's called) and then turned around and came back down the same path we had just walked up.

I had a couple of nerve wracking moments when my foot slipped on loose stones, after falling last December I'm still scared of falling again but the only way to get over that is to get out and about. I will not allow myself to be confined to level paths just because I'm not as confident as I used to be. I think I might take my walking poles next time just as a mental aid if nothing else ;-) (I bought walking poles in the sale last winter the week before I fell so I've never used them!)

Anyway on the way back down the path we saw this huge rock and both said "There's a face!" I wonder if this is some ancient guardian of the valley?

We will return to Haweswater a few times I think, if we don't get any significant rainfall, as the level of the lake falls the remains of Mardale village appear.

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