Desperately seeking

By clickychick

A Great Meal, Nearly Over.

"Once the meal was over, the servants brought water-filled finger bowls each containing a slice of lemon. The hostess signaled that it was time for the woman to leave the table by making strong eye contact with the woman seated to the host's right and then standing up. A servant or nearby gentleman opened the door to let the woman retire to the drawing room while the men either remained at the table for more conversation or withdrew to the library to enjoy a fine cigar and a glass of port."

That's how it happened in Victorian times, but today we said that, although we'd had chicken, lamb and sausage rolls and salad, we could still eat a burger. And so we did! Except, of course, for The Mother, wrapped up in a blanket to protect her from the evening's coolness. No cigars, but roll up a cigarette if you want to.

Oh! No port either for the men, but they look like they didn't mind.

Thanks, katkatkat, for bringing Milo and showing him to our friends, and for being the one who made this barbeque so good. x

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