What's a collection of pigeons called? I know I could look it up on the internet, but I'm not really too pushed about it, to be honest. Whatever it's called, that's what I came across on my walk today. I guess somebody had left food out for them. Maybe they've grown to expect a daily feed at this spot. Whatever the explanation, this was only a small part of the entire flock or whatever it is, and they were pretty much fearless, leaving it to the very last minute to flutter away as I walked through them.

The sunlight which they're bathed in was a short-lived thing, as the rest of the day (after a promising enough start) turned out to be dull and overcast. Definitely milder than of late, though.

It was only as I was getting ready to upload this that I noticed how close I am to another big Blipfoto moment: the next post will be number 1095, which I guess will be flagged as three years around Blipland. It's taken me rather by surprise, and I've no plans at all for how to mark the occasion. And I'm work-busy too, so the big-occasion blip probably won't be anything special. Ah well ...

Speaking of numbers: I've back-blipped May 8th and 9th, just to have everything nice and neat and tidy and up to date in readiness for the 3-year milestone.

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