Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Doorstep Delivery!

"Today's blip's waiting for you on the doorstep!" The Man shouted! Uhh? A very photogenic free pot of yoghurt perhaps? A blipworthy bottle of milk? "Hurry up or it'll have gone!"

I grabbed the camera and found this wee critter on the step. Now the camera settings were still left on last's night shot suitable for a cloudy evening. Now that tree I blipped had stood for 30 years, it wasn't going anywhere but this cockchafer was on the run. So I fiddled and snapped and snapped and fiddled and after six tries at posing for me he took off, buzzing past my ear, never to be found again.

As coincidence would have it, last year's blip was taken under that same sorbus whose blossom I shot yesterday.This year its leaves are still very new and blue due to a later start.

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