Cash in the Corridors

I don't seem to have been making as many trips to the bank recently as I used to. Today was different, though, and going to the bank was one of the items on my to-do list. I was up early working, and combined the need to go in to town with the need for a break.

I mentioned on Friday that I'd had a bit of a fruitless afternoon, but I managed to sort out that problem today - more about that tomorrow.

I parked the car in Marlborough Street car park and walked across town to Baggot Street and the Bank of Ireland HQ building where my bank branch is. I've blipped this sculpture before, but it caught my eye again today for two reasons: 1) I liked the dappled shadows cast by the leaves, and 2) the Bank's art collection has been in the news recently because they've announced that they're selling it in order to raise some money. We (the Irish tax-payers) have already given them and the other main banks hundreds of billions of euro to bail them out from the problems they dug themselves into, so the relatively paltry amount they'll raise from this sale (a figure of four or five million euro has been estimated) is tiny by comparison.

Personally, I think the move is a short-sighted one, and is just something which they've come up with as a bit of a crowd-pleaser. What I can't help wondering, though, is what's to become of the large external pieces which are so prominently placed around the HG plaza. I suppose they're excluded. I'd certainly miss them if they go.

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