Stirling Reidos

By StirlingReidos


We've had quite a lazy galavanting, the weather wasn't really up to much.

After the school fete yesterday we spent the afternoon watching movies and reading. I finished the Karin Slaughter I was reading, Genesis...looking forward to the new one coming out soon. i often wonder about Karin Slaughter her real name or a pen name picked because of the type of books she writes or if it is her real name is it because of the name that she writes those sort of books...

Went to Church this morning but again the weather wasn't great for going out so we did the same again, ohhh but we also added knitting into the mix today. Es has been attending the knitting club at school and is just learning. in order to help her I am trying to remember what I learned about knitting thirty years ago and the promptly forgot. Anyway, lying about the house is not like us Reidos but sometimes you just have to be lazy.

The best bit of the day was after dinner this evening when the sun came out...gave the kids a chance to burn off some excess energy in the garden for a wee while.

The patio doors were open and I could listen in on their planning and execution of this convoy. I love these times when they play nicely together and you get a wee insight on their relationships with each other. Our daughter is wearing the roller wheels purchased at the school fete yesterday. They pulled each other back and forth there for a good 20 minutes before they moved onto something else.

It was a nice end to a different weekend.

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