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361 [ostrich man]

I popped into town this afternoon to collect a parcel [camera flash diffuser, by the way], and was held up by some horses.  Not in the armed robbery sense, just delayed on the road.  :)

The horses were heading to the Northern Meeting Park for the annual Marymas Medieval Fair.  I was there just at the start of the Fair, and I didn't stay long, instead heading home for the Holland game before going through to Forres.  The entertainment hadn't started, apart from a couple of clowns, a Punch and Judy show, and this guy doing an ostrich act!  I hope he wasn't served up as an ostrich burger later on!

Glorious sunshine today - perfect conditions for a walk along the River Ness too.

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend!

Holland 1, Japan 0
Ghana 1, Australia 1
Cameroon 1, Denmark 2

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