The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm


I quickly realized I had had a little mishap with my K-x yesterday when I discovered myself lying face down in the River Avon at Kellaways with the camera around my neck floating in front of me, with water dripping out of the water-resistant lens.

Once on safer grounds, tests quickly revealed that the camera was strictly non-functioning, and it was still the same story this morning after a night in a warm dry place. I took it into Bath for assessment, and by the time I got there some tentative signs of electronic life had begun to show. However, it will be some days before we'll know if the camera body or 50-200mm lens can be recovered.

This picture was taken with my Lumix compact. I was looking through the Georgian balustrade on Grand Parade, looking down on the gulls on the River Avon, near to Pulteney Bridge.

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