Cards, cards, cards

It isn't easy finding birthday cards this close to Father's Day, since all the card shops give over most of their shelf space to that sort of card and shift their regular stock virtually out of sight. I eventually found something suitable in the card shop near the car park in Dundrum Town Centre, but not without a bit of tut-tut-ing at the blatant opportunism so blatantly on display.

The rest of the day is a bit of a blank (I'm writing this almost a week later), until 8.30-ish when I went in to town to meet my pal Alan for a few drinks and a bit of a chat. We were joined by a mutual friend, stayed longer at our first stop than intended, and went on afterwards to a place on Dame Street that's re-invented itself and opened under new management under a new name. The difference is remarkable, and what was originally a bit of a nothing place is now all abuzz. I got a NiteLInk home at 12.30 am.

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