Around the Block

By Barrioboy


Well, I've been 'around the block' cien veces ahora (a hundred times now), but I still feel very much a beginner compared to some of the really impressive milestone achievers I've seen in this terrific and inspiring community!

My journal name and username refer to 'block' and 'barrio' in the singular, but these 100 blips represent quite a few blocks and barrios between Spain and Scotland, so I thought I would try and capture that somehow in today's blip!

I would like to say how much I have appreciated the encouragement of my fellow blippers, both the loyal few whose almost daily comments are as welcome as hearing an 'old friend' knocking on the door, and also the others who drop by from time to time, or shout a quick 'Hi!' before going on their way. Thanks to ALL, both for the comments and for sharing your own work - for me, there's as much to learn from looking as shooting.

So, here's to the next 100, poco a poco as they say in Spain!

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