mrs monochrome

By mrsmonochrome

I like the new TV mum!

Aidan in his walker again. He is really enjoying the kitchen and was fascinated by the washing spinning in the machine.

We had an 'at home' day today as I was waiting on a parcel getting delivered. Thankfully it came at 12noon so I wasn't house bound all day. It was a pair of new shoes for me for work. I'm trying to get a few bits for returning to work. I've got a few new tops and my new shoes so far. These should help for next week at work but I may need some more things before September.

We went for a wee walk around our area after Aidan's nap. An experience not to be repeated. I've done it before but I think now the school holidays are on it's just not a great idea. We live in a slightly 'undesirable' area. Our street is lovely and we have lots of nice neighbours but the streets beside ours can be a little scary. I had to cross the road several times to steer clear of some shady looking characters using some colourful language. There are loads of things I saw that would make great blips but I just wanted to keep moving.

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