a town called E.

By Eej


What do you mean, we didn't win?
Yeah, I know.
But we lost all satellite signal for about the last 5, 6 minutes of the match so I can pretend Spain never scored and the Netherlands are having a massive 17 million people-party. Without me.

Our host was working a 24 hour shift last night and popped into a bakery close to his station in (of all places) Watervliet. When he saw their cakes he got an idea and asked how difficult it would be to make a cake with orange frosting. 'Not at all difficult' said the baker. Then our host asked if he could get writing on the cake. 'Sure' said the baker, 'what do you want it to say?'
Then the hard part started :)

Behold the orange cake an American baker in a town with a distinct Dutch name in the south west of Michigan made us.
Did it help?
Well, no.
Did it taste good?
Hell yeah!

We came to the conclusion my earrings are still magical; it's my t-shirt that's bad luck.

Onwards and upwards.

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