The second half of life..

By twigs

Josiah the gentleman :)

Why do young guy skaters get such a hard time from some people?

I'd been taking a few pictures of the colourful advertising hoarding on the left of the shot and decided it needed something more - some human presence maybe?

And with that thought this young man came on by..........

Providence :)

I asked him if he'd mind skating past the hoarding and thereupon began about 10 minutes of skating back and forth, clicking, checking, chatting and both of us thoroughly enjoying what was happening.

At one point he asked why I was taking the pictures and I explained that it was my hobby and I just did it for fun (although I may be able to turn him into a blipstar!). I showed him a few shots and attempted to explain what I was trying to achieve..........

"Wow! It's like art.....which is like my skating too."

I promised to email him some of the pics, we shook hands and each went our separate ways.

What a wonderful crossing of paths :)

PS Check out large for better zoom effect.

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