Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Poorly Girl

We've been rather worried about dear old Athena for the last few days. She's been very much "not herself" and, in the last couple of weeks has lost a lot of weight (almost a quarter of her bodyweight). I sat with her a lot today and she ate a tiny bit of food around lunchtime, but is nothing like her usual self.

Today I rang the vets to book a couple of the others in for their annual jabs, and also sought advice about Athena. The vet advised me to bring her in today, so I called the Wonderspouse at work to tell him what was going on and got her basket in from the garage ready.

Usually we have to stand the baskets on their ends and post the cats in from the top. Today, however, I lined Athena's with toweling and she got in of her own accord, very quietly.

She was clearly not feeling good since she struggled a lot in the vets (unusual for her - she's usually more curious than anything). The vet has given her a painkilling injection and some drops to see whether it helps her to eat more over the weekend (in case it's a tooth problem). He also suspects she may have a thyroid condition because hers is quite enlarged. We may have to take her in again next week for further tests.

All very worrying, but we're very glad to have her home tonight. She's sixteen and a half, so we do worry. In the meantime she's getting lots of love and fuss because she's so very dear to us.

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