Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Happy Things

Here are a couple of things that have greatly improved my happiness over the last couple of days!

1. This year, RIAT made little "festival style" lanyard programmes as well as the big souvenir programme! I love these things I can hang round my neck, and it's so convenient to be able to look up what time things are flying so easily. I also love having them afterwards to hang up round the house!

2. The magic painkilling drug that is currently helping our dear lovely Athena to eat (see Friday's blip). She's taking her medicine well, eating reasonable meals, and is much perkier. She'll still need to see the vet again, but there's hope that things will continue to improve. I'm crossing every finger I can find!

As for today, after the excitement of yesterday it has been a day getting up late (around 10.20), eating pancakes, dozing on the sofa, watching the golf (I love golf), and doing a little gentle sorting and housework!

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