Shutter Trolle

By ShutterTrolle

Dinner Time!!

I was out at the Esquimalt Lagoon today and was amazed at the number of Great Blue Heron's that were in the lagoon, enjoying the sun. I wanted to try and catch a Heron or Swan taking flight, but they were either moving too fast or would take flight when I was looking the other way! This Heron was feeding at the far end of the lagoon, away from the the other herons. It was fascinating to watch him look for the fish, suddenly lunge and then come up with such a big fish! I didn't think he was going to be able to swallow this one. I was fortunate that I had my camera pointed at him as he struggled to get the fish down his throat.
I decided to tell a story with these pictures and have pulled 4 captures out of the series to show the heron struggling to swallow the fish.

Bon appetit!

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