Mrok's photo of the day

By Mrok

Kuusniemi 220km

Today spent the morning sleeping late and then cleaning our house from some material we had to take to the local landfill site that has also place for environmentally hazardous waste. So finally our car was packed with our old and broken television, electric typewriter that has been used as our son U's toy, some broken fluorescent lamps and some paint cans with paint that is not needed anymore. The visit didn't cost a dime, so again one free service as an exchange of our tax ?uros.

Afternoon did approx. 70km bike ride with the Surly CC that is now transferred as fixed gear bike. It surely is a little different feeling as you really have no possibility to rest at the saddle as you have to pedal all the time. It is almost 2 years since had bike with fixed gears in daily, so lets see how this goes and what my injured knees have to say about this..

On my way back home from the ride spotted this "behind the scenes" view to one old harbor by the river Oulu that has been transferred as summer theater. I think it could be quite funny to think that behind those fake buildings and the set in general is old smelly fishing dock and the river when you're watching the show.. ;)

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