New Dawn #7

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The seventh of twenty monthly shots documenting the construction of the new Forth Valley College campus in Alloa, being built on the hill smack bang in the middle of the shot. Previous six on the numbered links above

A day late this month; lost track of days and forgot I was doing this the first Wednesday of each month. In fact, me and the kids had a senior moment of not knowing exactly what day it was at all in the fruit and veg section of Tesco's earlier. Euan thought it was only Tuesday and even I had to think hard about exactly what day it was. Think I need to get back to work if only so the weekends topping and tailing the work days keep me remembering what day of the week it actually is.

Anyway, the construction site was pretty active today with cranes and JCBs and guys in Hi-vis clothing buzzing around in the sunshine. Big it up and you might even see them. Still finding it difficult to imagine that there will be a new intake of students shuffling on up there this time next year.

I've also had a first wee test of putting this all together in a time-lapse movie. Not a lot in there yet, and the second image in the sequence is way out of position. It's posted up here if you want a sneaky peak.

Petrol Price update: 112.9 per litre unleaded; down 2p, 117.9 for diesel; down 3p. What's the betting it'll be back up next week when the school's go back?

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