Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

New Home

Today has been a day of three parts.

Part I: getting up early (for a Sunday) to see my Mum off, then turning the "spare bed" back into the Wonderspouse's sofa and going shopping.

Part II: sleeping soundly on the sofa.

Part III: preparing the utility room for Smudge. I cleaned it thoroughly, mopped the floor, washed everything up, and we set up the cage for her, as well as her own private litter box, and some brand new cat toys.

Hopefully she won't live in the cage, or even the utility room, for very long. However, it'll give her somewhere safe and secure to call her own while she gets used to life here. We'll also start the process of introducing her to the other cats - first by smell on things such as toys, towels etc. then by smells on us (we'll cuddle various combinations of cats and we'll bear the brunt of any swearing, hissing etc. while they get used to the scent of each other), then, eventually, they'll meet through the cage, and then in person!

And, once Smudge is integrated into the family, we'll do the whole thing again with Dexter, who is scheduled to arrive in mid-September! It's going to be a busy, but very very rewarding time. We're so excited about it all! :-)

Also, the vet called. Athena's ashes are ready for collection. We're planning a wake in her honour for Wednesday. Darling beautiful Athena, what would you have thought about everything that's going on here now? Actually, the answer is obvious - you'd have had your nose into it all and meeowed very loudly at us to remind us that you were beautiful and we shouldn't jolly well forget it!

We never will! Life is now a slightly odd mixture of memories and sadness coupled with excitement and anticipation at the new family members on the way!

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