By champignons

Bathroom window

I've done all my back blipping (but not bac-commenting, sorry) now:
This is the day I took all my good photos
This was a day I didn't do much
This was a day of HIGH DRAMA

This is what my bathroom window would look like if I didn't have a child. Nice isn't it? I was inspired by the eden project were my favourite plants live together (and get sold together in the shop, though I haven't pictured my new nepenthes as I don't have a nice pot for it. The really big airplant is new)

Mr Nut is nicer, though.

On the left you can see how the air baby is progressing (growing some roots, preparing to leave the motherplant, I think) and nepenthes are doing.

The little babies on the spidery deadish plant are still not visible, but there are three. The other spidery plant is much bigger than it was and that was a surprise too.

I was very surprised to find such a huge pitcher when I came home from my hols, it's over twice the size (and red) of the one it came with. And it's not fully grown yet. It's not opened yet but there is liquid in it already. Fascinating. youtube video about pitcher plants I like.While I'm linking everything and his monkey cups.

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