Rice Rice Baby

I know, its MADNESS!@~!~one week, but while i'm still preparing the madness, i have to do some 'normal' blips.
So while my friend ska i doing the calculations and i'm already preparing the rope and duck-tape, here's some macro for you!

Should i quit with these extreme macros?
I mean, they may get to your nerves i guess, though i'm still having lots of fun shooting stuff this close-up :)

The shot: it's obviously Rice, shot on my (black, wood) desk, lighted by my monitor (showing blipfoto on one side, and winamp on the other).

Gear: 30d, 50mm/1.8 with 36+20+12 mm macro-rings.
shot: iso 1250, 2,5 seconds (no tripod, restin on my hands/the desk) and f/7.1

that's all folks!

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