Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Supper Together!

Today started with another swim in the outdoor pool! This time I did 40 lengths, which is 8 more than Tuesday! Hurrah!

I then came home and set about doing some admin in the house and sorting all the bits and pieces from our trip up north and the reading evening the night before. As part of the admin I needed to go into town, so I also called in at the vet surgery, paid the final part of Athena's vet bill, and then registered Smudge and booked her in for her jab boosters, which are now due.

I took quite a nice picture of the passageway by the vets while I was out, and had got as far as copying it to my "blipfoto" folder, when events meant that I had a different blip for today.

Here, for the first time since the night before Athena went into hospital, are four happy felines eating supper together. :-)

We're so delighted that Smudge seems to be settling so well, and keeping our fingers crossed that it continues that way. Even Pebbles doesn't seem bothered that Smudge's tail is practically in her food bowl! It's also really good because the more settled Smudge is when Dexter arrives, the more we can give him the attention he needs for a successful rehoming!

It was a lovely moment - we enjoyed it! It's going some way to repairing the gaping hole left in our family by Athena's death.

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