New Dawn #8

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The eighth of twenty monthly shots documenting the construction of the new Forth Valley College campus in Alloa, being built on the hill smack bang in the middle of the shot. Previous 7 on the numbered links above

And LOOK! There's actual signs of a structure appearing on the bare hillside! There's certainly been a major jump forward in the appearance of something concrete (steel, at least) on site since last month's shot.

Actually, there's a lot more behind the trees just to the left of the metal girders but it looks like we'll have to wait until winter and all those leaves have gone before that will appear in these pictures. As I drove (crawled) past there very slowly there yesterday i managed to get a good look at the activities going on. Scarily, for me that is, I completely missed seeing some boy racer's pride and joy jammed hard and fast underneath the tailgate of a low-loader lorry, despite passing within a few feet of it at around 5mph. I did see the WPC directing traffic, and thought that was something to do with the college building project. And here was me thinking that all this blipfotoing was making me SO much more observant too. On the road home I passed a tanker that had came off the truck pulling it and had leaked some nasty gunk all over one side of the busy road causing a bit of a snarl up. I noticed that one.

I've also updated the time-lapse movie. The second image in the sequence is way out of position and still annoying me - thinking it might not be included in the final sequence. Will post the link when it's processed (YouTube playing silly buggers just now).

Petrol Price update: 110.9 per litre unleaded; down another 2p, 113.9 for diesel; down a not-to-snifed at 4p. Looks like I was wrong with last month's prediction it was likely to rise once the schools went back. Not complaining of course.

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