Like a tart's windae box....

Troops from our department are moving on Monday, so there was the obligatory loading of desk things into crates.

KAYJAY was like an archaeologist digging down through layers of history in his desk drawer. He passed the re-cycled christmas card that gets passed back and forward each year between him and a similar named colleague, down through the Julia Roberts with Orangutangs DVD and managed to get to the lower layers containing instructional relics of past mainframe systems.

On the way he passed this beaut'. I'm not sure if this holds the same status outside of the UK but this 'aftershave' has gained a cult status on our little island. We did the obligatory look up on Wikipedia for Hai Karate which tells you that earlier packs of this came with a self-defence instuctional guide to defend yourself from the attracted females.

I daresay any modern fragrance that advocated the hitting of women wouldn't get too far.

Eee, I tell you what, he just opened the bottle for a few seconds but that smell lingered on and on.

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