R U Listening...

Is anybody reading this good at texting? I am rubbish. It's not a skill I'm overly bothered about not having but I have been in awe of some people I've spotted on odd occasions that can wax lyrical with a mobile phone keypad, their thumb's dancing about the keypad to perfect timing and precision inspite of the characters on the keys having been wore away long ago through overuse.

I think there is competitions or world records for texting is there not? I personally can not stand it why send messages back and forward trying to get details of something across when a 30 second phone call will do the job completely?

I was going up to the cinema tonight (The Kingdom, no bad, but pretty predictable) and I saw one of the big jumbo-tron orange messages in text speak...

R U too close?

Have a good weekend Blipers..

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