Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Tidy Trees

Wow! Busy busy day today!

It started early, with a 5.40 alarm. After dropping the Wonderspouse at the bus stop I went swimming, and since I was feeling a bit tired absolutely exhausted I did just 52 lengths of the outdoor pool!

I then came home and shifted furniture for a bit, did my accounts, paid the council tax, sorted out my in-tray, fb chatted my Dad, and did about an hour of viola practice before heading off to Scharwenka's for lunch!

After lunch, Scharwenka and I went for a walk around his local park. I was struck by the neatness of this row of trees edging a playing field, so they're my blip for today!

After a swift cup of tea, I went to collect the Wonderspouse (and a bookcase) from his office, came home and did some more furniture shifting while he mowed the lawns, then put Smudge into her box and took her to the vet for her booster jabs.

The vet was chaotic - they had a dog in with a ruptured spleen that was having an emergency operation. We were referred to as "Athena's people" several times!

Smudge was weighed (she's underweight) and jabbed and I then sorted out flea & worm treatments for the whole family (well, the cats, not us) and got Dexter added to the records too.

Once home I finally stopped and sat down with a glass of wine.


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