the weekend for them too

Seeing as my big school rucksack is a couple of items to the left and would probably take a couple of days to dry in direct sunlight it might have been wise to take all this stuff in but I really couldn't be bothered. Everything had already acquired that slightly cool dampness things tend to get if they're out after dusk so they'll sit there until the morning, staying out if it looks like it'll be warm. Along with the extra cool dampness they shall acquire before dawn they might as well just stay out there unless it starts pissing it down quite severely. I'll need to bring in my flaxen employment-trousers to make sure they're dry by Monday but the amount of crap and rubbish I had to clear out of the schoolbag prior to it being allowed into the washing machine highlights how much unnecessary crap I tend to end up carrying around with me, given the necessary volume of bag. Using a slightly smaller bag today meant that I took only what I needed and felt noticeably lighter, especially with the superior back-suspension system on the smaller bag. I did pop to the bike shop to look at slightly larger bags with the same suspension system in the sale but until they do one large enough or the right shape for a 15.4" laptop there'd be little point attempting to replace a bag which does (albeit one which is never required to do so to go to work) albeit without a back suspension system which eventually leads to the bag getting sufficiently sweaty over the summer to require being washed.

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