One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Status Report

Hi Chica,

I hope that the wedding is going well.

Here everything is going swimmingly well.

Except for Finnzy-Bob who threw a wobbler when I refused to let him try to hang himself with the cord of the blackout blinds in this room*

The tantrum lasted for a whole minute. Actually no. I have just checked the exif data on this shot and it was taken at 19.08.43
This one was taken at 19.09.17. In other words 34 seconds later. He seemed to have quickly found solace in the close examination of his zizi.
I agree, men are not complicated beings.

Hope you manage to last more than 12 minutes on the beach tomorrow.

Here the weather is... well... poxy really.

* Joke apart, this is one of my greatest fears of all time as the cord is just at the length where Finn could wrap it around his neck. I always make sure to wrap it securely around the window handle, way out of reach. Even a determined Finnzy-Bob's reach.

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