Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Cuddly Mascots

Here are two of my newest friends! Wenlock (with a W on his head) and Mandeville (with an M) are the Olympic and Paralympic mascots for London 2012, and since I LOVE such things and (I've finally admitted) collect cuddly toys, I am now the proud owner of these two wonderful creatures.

These two little chappies get up to all sorts of things and you can find out about them here and follow links! I've had my cuddly Wenlock for about a month, but only got Mandeville on Friday. It's great to have both of them together!

There isn't much other news for today. It's been a day of sleeping in, eating pancakes, watching TV, snoozing on the sofa, and doing some more work on the dining room black hole. I've tied up the treadmill (and had lots of jokes about "treadmill bondage" from the Wonderspouse), been through boxes, finally found a place to store the flumpophone case that won't involve falling over it all the time, and started to create some sort of order in the house!

Oh, and Smudge has been for a walk around the garden and out to the Garage, held safely in the Wonderspouse's arms today, but soon she'll be under her own steam!

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