By D77

Blending in

With the absence of Knobface, and the finalising of a new member of staff, today was about as much of a success as is possible at the moment (though I did accidentally nominate a squirrel for the unstaged competition). With my boss off on holiday for a week, I had to sign some nonsense agreeing to be in charge whilst he's away.

*rubs his hands together*

I think I'll start with making Knobface clean the stairs and toilets as punishment for ordering the cleaners to run about on errands for her, lazy-arsed idiot that she is.

According to my expert source (Sonia), just before Eid, you should think of an amount you want to donate as eideya money, and then spread it out amongst whoever you want to give it to. I was even shown the technique of 'palming' the money to the recipient whilst saying 'kol-sana-wenta-tayib'. On my way to the bus, I did what she said for the three people I had in mind, and was rewarded with not only kissy-hand treatment, but also kissy-cheek and man-hugs all round.

On the bus, and there was a bit of an argy-bargy going on at the front which captivated the attention of the passengers until it simmered down just as quickly as it started.

To the right of the picture is Hassan (a very nice chap), behind him is Radwa (who gave me a present today in the form of a compilation CD) and behind her is Khalid, another very nice chap who drives my bus during term-time.

If you're wondering where I am, that's me at the front, with the shades (don't ask about the pout, I don't know why on earth I'm doing that). I blend in seamlessly, I'm sure you'll agree.

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