Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Plastic Bottles

Today hasn't really been a day for taking photos of things. It's been a day for DOING things, not looking at them.

Since the Wonderspouse had taken holiday today we got up late, and as soon as he went off to make pancakes & I was dressed I stripped the bed, removed the mattress & carried it out to the landing, then unscrewed the feet from the bed base. After breakfast the Wonderspouse helped me shift the whole lot downstairs to the carefully prepared space. It fitted perfectly!

Then came a lot of cleaning of the bedroom ready for the new bed. Whenever I got tired I went to sit in the utility room with Dexter and stroked his ears! We've also spent a lot of time playing with Mr Banana (one of his favourite toys) with him.

Mid-afternoon the new bed arrived (see blip for 11th August), just as the delivery company had promised! The delivery men even carried the bits upstairs for us, which was very kind of them. The new bed is MAGNIFICENT! I've made it up with new sheets etc. and freshly washed mattress topper and so on. The house is a bit chaotic still, but from now on it will get more and more ordered and gradually progress towards its new "normality"!

Rather bizarrely, the best picture of the day turned out to be this pile of plastic bottles. These are the ones we're keeping! The Great House Sort revealed that my tactic of always reusing plastic bottles means that we have zillions. I've got two giant bags of them that will now go for recycling.

So, the house that will emerge will be better than the one we had before (with just one exception). There are no more large items of furniture on order, nor large musical instruments. All the cats who are moving in with us have now moved in and over the next few weeks and months will get used to their new surroundings and become part of the family. Smudge is now going outside for short periods of time, and Dexter will move into the main bit of the house in a day or so! Soon it will be time for me to think about what work I shall do and to start to build a new future for us all.

The only sad bit (the exception) is that Athena is no longer with us. However she's fondly remembered, and her name is on the label of our new bed! I've even put a white sheet on it!

I'm really looking forward to going to bed tonight, not only because I'm utterly exhausted, but also because I have a lovely new bed. It will be the first time I've slept in a new bed in my adult life!

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