Ticking Away the Moments

By wiiaholic


Spent a little bit of time in the garden today looking at the plants I'm growing in pots on the patio and taking some photos - a pretty rosebud, lovely fuchsia flowers - even the geranium which has holey leaves after something munched it.

As well as taking photos of plants, I've spent ages following Rosie, a staffie puppy, round and getting lots of blurry photos of her ear or tail as she ran round causing mayhem.

Nothing really appealed to me as my blip photo of the day.

But then I looked down the garden, to the bit we haven't even tried to do anything with yet and saw a flash of white under a bush so went to investigate and found these lovely flowers. I've got no idea how on earth they got there, we certainly haven't planted them.

We've got lots of other weeds all over the place including nettles and the dreaded 'mile a minute' which we can't get rid of - but these are the best weeds I've ever seen, quite happy for these to spread further round the garden!

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