By wayfarer

Canyon? What Canyon?

At the Grand Canyon today, though I didn't see much of it as one gent in my group bashed his head as he climbed into a plane for a scenic flight.
We both ended up down at the local clinic, where he was given a couple of stitches. It was pretty much like the NHS: lots of hanging around before being seen to. The main difference was $500. Luckily, he is insured.
I usually walk the rim from Mather Point to Bright Angel Lodge and I was hoping to get a spectacular shot of someone (preferably in red) standing on the edge of an outcrop with the magnificence of the canyon as backdrop.
Despite warning signs everywhere, people love going out to peer into the void. It may be daft & dangerous but it makes for good piccies. When I get around to becoming a member, I'll put up an earlier rendition of what I was after.
This was just about my only look at the canyon today; forty minutes at Desert View. Somebody obligingly clambered out where he shouldn't have but it's not quite what I wanted.

Thanks for the comments on my last blip - I'm on my way out but I'll comment soon.

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