Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Groovy Sky

Another very quiet day here. The Wonderspouse was still off sick, so there was still more snoozing quietly in front of the TV. I nearly blipped the Radio Times schedule for today, but in the end changed my mind!

The only real news is that the vet rang to confirm that Smudge is indeed hyperthyroid. It explains her lack of weight (she's only 2.4 kg, which is very very light) and also her crazy behaviour (hurtling around like a 6 month old kitten when she's a grown up, weeing on mats etc). She's now started on pills, and successfully taken the first one! Starting a cat on pills has reminded me of this though!

I'm afraid the blip is just a bit of a random one today. Did think the sky was looking quite groovy, although how well it turned out in a photograph who knows!

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