Beach moment

The grand plan was to bus it over to Terenure to meet my motor racing mate Robin for morning coffee, but, wonder of wonders, it had rained overnight and things were quite dull and overcast when the alarm insisted I get out of bed. Then Robin phoned to give me detailed directions for our meeting (I didn't like to tell him that all I needed was the very last bit, since I'm fine actually getting to Terenure). His directions were based on my being in the car, so I let this persuade me that it might be wiser to drive rather than stick to the original plan.

We had a grand old time in a nice little café on the Terenure main street. The place used be a butcher's shop, but has been enjoying a great life since its transformation into the café for the local ladies who do coffee. We compared notes about our recent experiences in Sitges (Robin had spent his 75th birthday there a week before we arrived for the wedding) and generally catching up on things, including Lewis Hamilton's latest example of impetuosity during practice for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Far from bringing more rain, the weather switched back to the unseasonal weather which had been the norm all week, and by the time we separated it was bright, warm and sunny. I stopped off at home for a bite of lunch and a bit of daytime TV before retracing my steps from Wednesday and driving to Portrane for another fine walk along the beach. The sun was beginning to fall away from the edge of the beach as I made my way back to the car, and that's when I spotted this light show and knew instantly that this would be today's blip.

Still problems with broadband, so it's taken a while to catch an opportunistic window to upload this. Time now for a bite to eat and then to make a start with cleaning in tidying in readiness for my hosting tomorrow of the weekly music session.

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