Throwing down some moves

This miniature fella joined B and me for lunch today, as we enjoyed a little sunshine.

It was teeny weeny and B called for me to get my camera. We discovered, on closer inspection, that it was a baby praying mantis. Now, I have a bit of a 'thing' about these wee critters, so it was put through its paces.

Obligingly, he threw down some sweet moves for us.

Baby in the making.

You can see how small it is by the fact that you can see B's arm hairs. Must have seemed like a forest to the wee cutie.

More things ticked off my list today.

Now it's just study and lesson prepping. That, I can do.

Yay to the lion's share of stuff being done.

Yay to baby creepy crawlies.

I love macro photography.

Home now to walk the dog and then do some study. One more week 'til my exam.

We're on the home-straight to sanity!


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