like a bird's nest

There the little princess sleeps. In a little birds nest.

We had organized a little 2-hour briefing about 'agile basics' for the students at the University of Turku. I and a future colleague of mine went there to discuss about agile and what that actually is. And what it means to us.

I really enjoyed it. I kind of was on my element - I got the audience (or at least most of them) to react. To discuss, to ask and to comment. And to smile and laugh.

To make them laugh. That should be one of the goals for any presentation. Since laughter is one of the most powerful way to make us feel cozy & relaxed. And smile.

I even managed to squeeze a part of a song in the middle. That's what I do - I often start with a song. To set the atmosphere. Maybe it works only on me, I don't know. But I like it.

I got just early enough home to help my dear wife in setting the little princess to sleep.

by the way - it might be worth to watch my back-blip on my trip to Saint Petersburg.

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