The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

River Marden

It was a far brighter day than Wednesday today and I managed a 75-minute walk while my lunch was in the oven.

There were far fewer birds around than on Tuesday especially at the outset, and no sign of a red kite, but as the walk progressed I saw magpies, pigeons, crows and stone chats. I followed the River Marden towards Black Dog Hill hoping to see the heron again, and in fact I did see it, but it was much further away and my best shot of it was when it took off and flew across the river in silhouette: Heron Flypast.

This shot, from the return walk beside the river, stalking the elusive mallards and moor hens, shows what a difference a day makes, with glorious blue skies reflected in the river contrasting with the red berries and golden teazel.

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