By 42

Friends of Dorothy

An action packed day today after the xmas party last night (which ended up being a bit dull, so had time to check blip on this). Thankfully not hungover today.

First up was helping Mrs42 at her school Christmas fair to raise money for the PTA. With a couple of assistants we were manning the Eco Schools stall selling off the lost property (school jumpers etc) as well as reindeer dust (oats and glitter) and designer badges. We made over £115, which isn't bad!

The after a quick sandwich we went to the Falkirk youth/children's theatre to see their production of Wizard of Oz. These are the gates to the Emerald Palace. It was good fun and the little tike who played Toto was funny. The lion couldn't sing and the scarecrow was a bit earnest. The wicked witch of the West was best (cue inane cackling).

After the theatre we went for a pub dinner. The waiter was definitely a Friend of Dorothy. If you know what I mean :-)

Oh yeah - and its now snowing and raining at the same time.

Hope everyone's weekend is going well.

Oh - did I mention that its traditional to go to the theatre/panto at Christmas time?

- - - - -

LOTD: Biscuits double plane blip is very funny (well for me anyway).

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