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Family Album 2010

Today has been a catch-up day to try and get by 2010 edition of the Family Album ready to send off for printing. I've established a tradition of producing these photo-books for each member of our family at Christmas. Though I think my mum is the most enthusiastic recipient I'm always surprised at how keen my brother is to receive one too. I'm not sure about my own children, I think they haven't reached the age where they value these things. The first two albums I printed myself, hand-sewing the folio. They were very much slimmer and included photographs from more than one year. I found printing back to back without a dedicated printer very challenging and when I came across a photo-site advertising photo-books (in 2006), I decided that they could do the printing. After all high quality ink and paper are not cheap to buy!

Anyway, enough of this `blip blurb' I need to get on and finish the cover so I can send the 2010 edition off for publishing.

Finally a question, in case anyone else has experienced a similar problem (and I will post this on the forum). My 16mb SD (HC) card that I use in my Panasonic G1 has recently stopped downloading from the card-slot on my desktop computer. (It will download on this laptop though.) I know there is an issue and for example, it doesn't work with my older older card reader but prior to this week it has always downloaded successfully to my desktop. The 1mb cards that I use in my Panasonic TZ3 download fine to the desktop. Any ideas or suggestions are very welcome

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