Suzy's Scenes

By suzyscenes

Red glow over Dock

We have had some pretty dramatic clouds lately, and I caught a shot of the contrast between the light and dark clouds during my lunch break today. I stopped by the dock and grabbed a quick shot or two. The wind was blowing so hard that the sea gulls had a hard time flying. I caught a few of them hovering in some of my shots, but they didn't turn out that great.

I can't wait for this week to get over so I can have 2 weeks of vacation. It is so hard to be at work when we are having such dramatic sunsets. I called pddesigns today and she and I met outside and lamented about not being able to spend all of our time blipping. Oh well, I guess you gotta eat too.

I changed my shot because I liked this one better than the one I had loaded. After pddesigns and I talked, I noticed a red glow in the lake outside my office. I quickly went down to the water and took a shot. It's kind of dark, but I thought the red cloud reflecting in the water was kind of cool.

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