blip art :: xb

By xb

Christmas Party

It was party day today, and the bus did make it up the slippy hill... just. We crawled up the hill, dropping gears every hundred yards or so, until we almost ran out of gears to drop to!

Lunch was good, and entertainment afterwards in the form of a Britain's Got Talent style contest. Afterwards, we went back to the office for drinks and the Secret Santa hand out, with Xander Claus doing the honours. Then at closing time, I invited some people back to my house for drinks and nibbles.

The continued party at my house turned into an unexpected blipmeet with four of us in the room! I didn't realise David was a blipper, even though I commented on one of this blips! Emma and Keir the other blippers amongst the group.

Blip today is a collage of shots - me at lunch, Tracie, Kirsty, Kevin, Robert, Secret Santa, and Emma giving it yeehah on Just Dance! :)


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