a day in the life of Jack

By jacksmom726

Brrrrrrrr....it's cold in here!

It seems bad luck happens in 3's...

First, my back issues....it's been three weeks of pain and lots of medicine!

Then yesterday, we ran out of oil at our house which means no heat and no hot water. When we called for a delivery, they weren't making deliveries because of the blizzard. Oh, and by blizzard, I mean 20F/ -6C temps, with high winds and lots of snow.

So, today, they showed up nice and early with oil. I was so excited...finally we can get warm and take showers!! When my hubby went to start up the furnace, he realized it was broken. Terrific!

Then, while down there, he noticed a huge puddle of water in the corner of the basement. Apparently, the kitchen sink has had a slow leak and has been dripping water for a while through the floor and down the basement wall. Now we need a plumber too!

So, here we are....it's 12:30 in the afternoon and we are freezing! The furnace guy just showed up!! And by the way...he's a plumber too! Maybe things will start looking up?

This shot is of Jack all bundled up on the couch. He's got many layers of clothes on, including this fleece and has a comforter wrapped around him. But he's got a smile on his sweet face and that warms me up just fine!

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