Don?t Know Nuffink

By Mrski1

Im Back!

Stumbling through my favourites on my replacement Mac, more on that later, I came across a link to something called Blipfoto and was slightly confused, something about it seemed familiar yet distant, bravely I clicked on the link and to my surprise it contained some of my photos with some very dodgy English, explaining what I have done for the past two years, 'ooooohhhh, now I remember!'

There is something frustrating about missing out on the best part of 6 months of Blipfoto, it served as a fantastic reminder to events, no matter how mundane, so looking through the limited amounts of photo's I have taken since then I struggled to put words to them, the images seemed familiar but without a description of why they were taken, they seem slightly meaningless.

So why the lack of Blipyness? Loss of inspiration? Perhaps, Busy? Well yes life generally seems to have got in the way, a big part of this being work. In June an organisation shuffle meant I joined a completely new team, something I was glad of at the time to still have a job, however, with it being a totally different discipline it was like starting all over again, and fittingly the tasks I was given were basic, scanning, filing and archiving, oh joy! Needless to say after a week or so of this I was totally fed up and on the look out for new jobs in Newcastle and Edinburgh to be closer to my daughter, and well nothing happened, absolutely bugger all! Not even a letter from any of them saying I had been unsuccessful. So I stayed, the work improved slightly but the thought to leave was always there, and in December a job locally came up, I applied and within the space of a few weeks I had accepted an offer, so the new year will begin with a new job!

So what else has happened? Well, my beautiful girl turned two in September and is growing at a rate of knots, she is as cheeky as ever but can now have a conversation with her Daddy, usually at 1am when she cant sleep! I have plenty of Phoebe pics to back Blip. I stopped racing my bike in August due to constantly falling ill, however I went on a mountain bike holiday in Spain only to put myself in hospital in Cordoba with low blood sugar, I then got back from holiday and spilled a cup of tea over my Macbook Pro while loading the holiday snaps to the computer, this then took until early December to sort with the insurance deciding it was not viable to fix and giving me a voucher for a shiny new Mac, this time an iMac, then there has been the usual Christmas festivities, all of which make the past 6 months seem busier than I thought it was!

So I have returned and hope to continue recording daily life, no matter how mundane, on Blip

I should also say I will back Blip as and when I get through my photo's, hopefully I will remember what happened!

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